Meet the Humador | The Silliest Labrador Hybrid Ever


The Humador, Today’s prank, Tomorrow’s reality(?)

The other day when I was doing some research on Labrador hybrid dogs and in particular the Labrador Mastiff mix a.k.a. the Mastador I stumbled on an extremely weird video about creating a hybrid dog that shared both human and dog DNA, the only reason it came up in my search was because I close-up-of-a-humadorhad set one of the search criteria to “lab”  as we know short for Labrador but of course also for Laboratory.

The video obviously is a prank but it is put together very cleverly and, if you like this sort of thing rather amusing to watch, but in all honesty it was the image of the two creatures that did it for me because the one wearing a cap shows a striking  resemblance to one of my neighbours (LOL).

Anyway, here’s the video perhaps you recognize someone you know too.

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Oh and by the way below the video there’s a picture of a Mastodor sitting next to a Chocolate Labrador so the difference in appearance between the two dogs becomes very clear. We will have a more in-depth article about the biggest Hybrid Labradors ready for  posting shortly.

Have fun watching the video

The Mastodor sitting next to a beautiful Chocolate Lab even though a Mastodor is not the biggest of the Hybrid Labrador dogs the dog is so much bigger than the standard Lab.

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