Great to Watch 23 Pictures of Labrador Retrievers in Action

Out-run a Greyhound, not likely, but boy can these Labs move

Labradors are by no means the fastest dogs in town nor do they belong to the best long distance runners. They’re a tad too heavy to run a marathon and you only have to look at their massive strong body to recognize the similarities they share with short distance athletes.

The fastest dog breed, not necessarily the fastest dog because there’re some really fast hybrids out there too, are the Greyhounds they can reach top speeds of around 45 miles per hour in as little as 5 seconds. They’re the real specialists bred exclusively for speed and stamina. According to in 2013 a (retired) Greyhound by the name of Fanta was clocked running at a top speed of 50.5mph (81.3kph).

Labrador retrievers are know to be able to run at a speed of 14 to 18mph (not verified) compared to Greyhounds they’re twice as slow but watching Labrador dogs throwing their incredible muscular bodies into full action is always an exciting pleasure to watch. Their long legs and broad tail give them the advantage of speed and maneuverability compared to other breeds in a similar weight class.

Here are 21 photos of Labrador retrievers in full action. For easy reading they are grouped together three pictures per group. Navigating between the different pages (groups) is quite simple to do using the Next or Previous button placed at the end of each page. All pages are numbered, starting ar 1, you can also jump directly to one of the pages by selecting the corresponding page number.

Enjoy watching the photos.