[Splish-Splash VIDEO] How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?


Why you don’t need a professional groomer to keep your dogs skin healthy

Before diving straight into reading the text and watching the videos make sure to read this first:

The text comprises some handy tips about bathing your Labrador, nothing out of the ordinary though, but can be useful to read.

Blended in with the text are three videos on this page, the first video is a bit of fun because it contains music for you and your dog to listen to while bathing. The whole idea I think is rather amusing but it’s kind to the ear so why not give it a try.

The second video is compilation of dogs that absolutely do not want to take a bath and it’s amazing to see how inventive and often downright persistent these dogs are in their efforts to escape their periodical bathing.

The third and last video is a best practices vid from Petco showing how to give your dog a methodical scrub.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find a link (inside one of these orange boxes) to another page containing 21 funny pictures of dogs taking a bath. They’re really funny so make sure to visit that page also.

Enjoy watching and reading the content on both pages.

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If you wish to make showering enjoyable for you as well as your Lab, there are a couple of points to focus on.

Most dog owners agree on the necessity of bathing their pet.  However some individuals think you do not have to wash pet dogs quite frequently – possibly annually. Others really feel that their dogs must be bathed on a monthly basis. Whatever schedule will best fit your dog you always should start with brushing your dog to make his coat easier to clean.

Bath time benefits dogs, yet it could create issues if you do it frequently.

That’s since all pet dogs have oils in their hair and also skin, similarly as individuals do. Clean your canine frequently and also his skin will certainly dry. Your Labrador will certainly itch, and scratch as well as develop sores. Keep in mind it is necessary to preserve the natural oils. They secure the skin from its very own germs, for example.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when it is bathing time

1. Deal with your pet dog’s ears. Infections could take place when soap as well as water have the ability to go into the ear canal. This might be short-term, however it can likewise do some genuine harm. Infections damage the ear drum, resulting in feasible hearing problems. Unsure if your pet has an ear infection? He may if you see him trembling his head a whole lot, or if there’s a discharge from the ear.

If you want to prevent this from happening use the following trick, block the entrance of your dog’s ears using some cotton. Do this delicately – never ever use force to push the cotton right into the ear. Merely position it firmly at the entryway of the ear to keep water out. Dry the ears delicately when the bathing is finished. This can be done making use of a cloth on your finger. You could additionally make use of a cotton swab, however do not do this as well deeply. You might harm to the ear drum.

2. Make use of a hair shampoo specially for dogs. These are made to secure your pet dog’s hair as well as skin. Regular bathing soaps and shampoos are too harsh and will irritate your dogs fur ans skin. There’s also a good chance the perfumes used in human products will trigger an allergic reaction in your dog.

3. Just how often you should wash your dog largely depends on to what breed your dog belangs. Longer haired pet dogs require even more cleaning compared to much shorter haired types. If you have a furry dog, like a poodle, a bathing regime of approximately once every 2 months will be sufficient. Different breeds might go as long as 6 to 8 months. If your pet dog spends much of his time outdoors, he’ll be getting dirty quicker, so take note of this.

Start your pet dog off right with regular bathing routine is very important. Be thoughtful and also patient, given that frightening your dog makes it a whole lot more difficult to bath him. Make bathroom time enjoyable if you can, given that many dogs appreciate swimming or being sprayed with water.

If you can, set up your bath outside. Motivate your pet to run through or sit in it. Use toys to distract his attention away from the water. When he’s relaxed a little, start the bath.

Make sure you have dog washing supplies ready before you start bathing your dog, including soaps, shampoos, towel, a separate bowl with pouring water, and also brushes. Water running from the tap could be a little chilly, so allow water in the bathroom heat up a little in advance.

If you educate your pet that showering is enjoyable as well as pleasurable, he’ll be thrilled concerning the possibility.

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