[VIDEO] Three Top 3 Funniest Labrador Retriever Videos Week 37


Three of the funniest Labrador videos that will make you smile

We have one of the best visited pages about Labrador Retriever dogs on Facebook and it goes without saying we are very proud of and happy with the increasing number of daily visitors to both our Facebook page and website.

One of the reasons for having a steadily growing number of fans and visitors are the touching videos we daily publish on our Facebook page.

Here is the Week 37 Top Three Best Watched Videos – Just click a  link to crack a smile
1. With over 50,000 views “These Puppies will corner you” – see it on the Page Four
2. “They Look Pretty in that chair” with 24,227 views – Page Three
3. Last but not least “Wagging the Scot” 6,702 views – Page Two

Make sure to watch’em all

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Press NEXT to see how the Scot receives a friendly Wagging from the Lab