Labrador Retriever Chasing Drone – Guess Who Won the Day

What is it with drones(?) they’re in the news, they’re in commercials and most likely there’s one (or two) circling above your house right now.

The not so nice truth is when one of these flying cameras has got you zoomed-in your privacy goes right out the window (no pun intended).

Long story short, are you bothered by one of these things all you have to do is get one of these…

Enjoy the video

Ram Headbutts drone into oblivion

Well as it appears that Lab isn’t the only one who’s having a grudge against drones.

The ram was going about his business when a drone started to circle around his head but instead of being scared the ram quickly changed into attack-mode taking the drone out with one well aimed headbutt.

Make sure to watch the video from start to finish because the ram has some business to settle with the drone-operator too.

Enjoy the match

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