[VIDEO] What to do when your dog is sad


About a little boy comforting a sad Labrador retriever

The relationship between people and their pets is often quite special. Regardless of the type of pet a dog , cat, bird or even goldfish in a bowl you always feel a bond with your trusty roommate.

They are always there for you , in good times and bad . And in case of the latter, when bad times come knocking at your door you realize how much you care about your pet.

We know that dogs just like us are capable of feeling emotions and can really feel sad and lonely when left behind when we go out as depicted beautifully in the following video.

Of course we also miss our four-legged friends when we have to leave home for a few days but in this story the roles are reversed as you’re about to see.

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We already are quite used to see dogs trained as service dogs to help people in need one example of this are dogs that help people to overcome several types of anxiety disorders in the following video the roles however same reversed.

The owners of the Lab in the video are on a short trip and will return in a few days and this time they could not take their dog with them and left him into the care of some close friends. This situation however is not exactly to the dogs content as  is clearly demonstrated by his silent protest.

The little boy is perfectly in tune with the Labradors feelings and does his best to comfort the dog by gently stroking his head and talking nice to him.

 The cute and touching interaction between the little boy and the Labrador makes this video a delight to watch

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