Did You Ever See A Labrador Using An African Elephant As A Diving Board?


A video about unlikely friendships between animals

There still are people who believe animals are purely driven by instinct and therefore incapable of showing “uncharacteristic” behaviour. The following pictures and videos about Labrador retrievers involved in, what might be called, unlikely friendships will prove animals are quite capable of feeling love and compassion, very much like we are.

When watching these photos and videos one can’t help to wonder what brought these friendships about, we know of course that some animal species, like dogs and elephants, form strong social relationships and even share joy and mourn their deceased family (pack or herd) members.

To some extend there’s some logic to it when dogs and/or elephants are forced bey circumstances to live a solitary live outside their pack or herd are willing to engage in  friendships with animals not belonging to their own species.

Regardless of the reason that drove animals into forming these unexpected friendships it gives evidence of the fact that animals are emotional beings and in that aspect not so different from us as many people still think.

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The following story tells about Bubbles an African Elephant and Bell a black Labrador retriever that share one of the most adorable friendships I have ever seen (source BoredPanda).

This is one of the most adorable animal friendships that we’ve seen in a long time. Bubbles the African elephant and Bella the black Labrador, both residents at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, have become the best of friends, and can often be seen playing in the water together. Pictures have been published of them playing fetch in the water – Bubbles throws the ball with her trunk while Bella jumps off of Bubbles’ head or back and swims to retrieve the ball.

Bubbles was rescued in Africa after her parents were both found killed by poachers during a 20-year slaughter of elephants in Africa for their ivory. She was one of few elephants adopted – the rest were released or killed because facilities for them could not be found. When Bubbles first arrived, she weighed only 340 lbs and stood 42 inches tall. Now, she is over 9 ft tall and weighs about 4 tons. Bella was left at the park by the contractor who built Bubbles her swimming pool.

Luckily, they’ve found each other! What other heartwarming animal friendships have you heard of?

Curated from: Bubbles the African Elephant and Bella the Black Labrador


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