[OPEN QUESTION] Should Your Dog be Given Person-hood?


Most likely you treat your dog as part of the family but does it stop there?

The other day I was reading an older (2013) article on rescue dogs and one of the comments, in particular, got my attention because the author (Lex Gore) stated dogs should be given “personhood” based on the relationship man and dog shared for thousands of years, read her comment below.


I truly believe given the relationship we’ve had with dogs for thousands of years that they should be given ‘personhood’ status or at the
least better protection from abuse.

Speaking as a shelter worker here, I have seen too much horrific cruelty (often with few consequences) inflicted on these animals who guide our blind, take care of our disabled, guard our homes and families, find our dead, seek explosives and drugs, even detect cancer. They have done so much for us, I even doubt how far our species would have gone without our partnership with these amazing animals.
It’s time to honor that.

Author Original CommentLex Gore, Lead Female Throat at Adaptive Reaction

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What exactly is the definition of Person-hood, according to wikipedia it defines the following:

Personhood is the status of being a person. Defining personhood is a controversial topic in philosophy and law and is closely tied with legal and political concepts of citizenship, equality, and liberty.

Now what do you think, are you willing to extend your dogs legal position to person-hood?

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