[VIDEO] To Poop or not To Poop is no Longer the Question According to this Man’s Teachings


Dogs know many words by heart but do we really need to add this command?

Now here’s a guy claiming it’s a good thing to teach your dog to poop and pee on command, mind you, I’m all for teaching dogs how to properly behave in- and outside their homes but I can’t say I’m very supportive of the idea to train them how to do their ” business”  on human- instead of nature’s command.puppy-dog-potty-training

The major issue I have with this kind of training is, dogs are living beings, not robots and they already have done so well adjusting themselves to suit our needs and demands, mind you, I’m not a hopeless romantic and I’m well aware of the fact that the partnership between dogs and humans has historically been one of mutual benefit, in most cases that is.

However, teaching (y)our best friends to poop on command is taking the leader of the pack thing one step too far I think and not taking more steps than absolutely necessary is exactly what this poop-now-strategy is all about, if I’m not mistaken.


Here’s the video in question for you to make up your own mind

As always, I’m very curios to learn what you think; Do you support the idea of turning your dog into a pooping-robot or are you in favour of the good old way and let nature take its course?

By the way, and with all due respect, I thought the presenter in that video sounded a bit short winded, do you think he was anxiously waiting for someone to give him the relieving command to get busy(?)