17 Pictures of Dogs Napping in Rib-Tickling Poses That Will Make Your Eyes Water

Sleep like a dog instead of like a flamingo

We all have a favourite sleeping position that perhaps became a habit from our early childhood and probably will stay with us for the rest of our live. Probably while reading this you can think of the position you favour most right now.

Surprisingly, at least to me it was, after extensive scientific research scientists were able to define no more than five sleeping position that are common to how people sleep, this means there is far less variation than one should expect.

In research conducted by Professor Chris Idzikowski it was discovered that each of the found sleeping positions, to some extend, could be linked to a particular personality type.

The idea that even in our sleep we’re unable to hide our body language is a very intriguing I think.

Now we always think that our dogs are blessed with the ability to sleep like a baby, something we have lost during our years of growing up, adding a non-scientific extension to professor Idzikowski’s findings one should expect dogs to sleep in very simple and uncomplicated postures.

Regarding the complexity of our dogs’ personalities the following photos make you wonder if there’s more than meets the eye.

P.S. my favourite sleeping position is the flamingo, one leg stretched the other foot on my knee. As there’s no mention of this position in professor Idzikowski’s findings I apparently belong to a (lucky) minority too few in number to be of any statistical interest.


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