Labrador Retrieves Deadly Snake and Shocks Owners


Amazing story about how a Labrador bringing back a live snake to its owners

It’s a true story that happened in Victoria, Australia and believe it or not, the Labrador Retriever is a champion obedience dog that always stayed well clear of trouble but that day he did something extremely dangerous retrieving a copperhead, one of Australia’s deadliest snakes.

Although this happened some time ago, after reading it I found it so amazing I had to share a fair piece of it here on this blog and included a link near the end of the post if you want to read the full story.

Enjoy reading

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Labrador shocks owner Deborah Allen by bringing home deadly snake

HE’S never had a nose for trouble before but black labrador Bronson sure knows how to turn heads with his retrieving tricks.

The champion obedience dog stunned his Victorian owners when he recently returned to them to proudly show off his latest find.

Locked firmly in his jaws and coiled around his snout was a long, live snake, believed to be a deadly copperhead.

“He’s normally an excellent duck dog but he’ll pick up absolutely anything and return it to us, hanging on to it until we say ‘give’,” Deborah Allen said.

“My husband Peter didn’t know he’d lost his mobile phone out in a paddock recently until Bronson returned with it in his mouth.”

The couple were lucky to be at home together at their property at Yarragon on January 4 when Mr Allen called out to his wife: “Hey, come and look at this.”

“There was Bronson with the snake hanging out of his mouth and the snake’s body wrapped around his nose,” Ms Allen said.

“We weren’t sure if it was alive or not and we touched its head which was down at ground level and it moved – it appeared slightly stunned.”

As they grappled with a plan to deal with the snake, Mr Allen told his wife to quickly take a photo first

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