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Labrador Retriever Puppies in Comer, AL

Strongly built, short dog with a broad skull, a broad chest and ribs, and a broad hindquarters. The characteristic “otter tail is moderately long, very thick at the base and gradually tapering to a point. Around covered with a thick coat short, allowing the tail gets the special round shape.

The coat is short, dense and without wave, quite stiff to the touch, with a weather-resistant undercoat. Colors: black, yellow or liver / chocolate.

The Labrador Retriever shoulder height is between 55-60 cm. The weight varies from 30-35 kilos.

Why a Labrador Retriever in Comer, AL

“Fun for the kids” is certainly not enough to buy a Labrador. That’s true, but children grow and gain over time other interests and obligations. A healthy Labrador Retriever will average 11 to 12 years!
You will need to be made responsible for the dog to bring you. Your Labrador can enjoy long life your attention pounding pound and a well-behaved companion.

Education: necessity
If you are planning a Labrador Retriever to buy, we recommend you to orientate well in advance. The Labrador Retriever is known as a fun, friendly and easy dog. But remember that a Labrador must be educated and that education takes time! Certainly the first year.
The Labrador Retriever is a hunting dog. This means that the will to work for you (to do something for you) is innate in most puppies. Moreover, a Labrador is a fun animal that likes to be near you. Even if the dog is an adult, you need every day sufficient time for him:

  • Letting him out;
  • to care for him;
  • to give him attention (a game, the dog to fetch or something similar);
  • to raise him / train.

When you (both) working outdoors, which may mean that your Labrador Retriever for hours at home alone. If your dog is elated enough he can get bored. And that can lead to behavior problems. It is certainly not enough for the dog again and again his need quick ‘to do in the goot’te: Labradors are active dogs that daily a large piece should be able to walk.
Of course they are- strong as they mature quite a while only, but it is not good for the development of a dog and the relationship with the boss, if the dog is left more or less day after day to his fate and in between just fast may relieve himself.

Where to find a trusted Labrador Retriever Breeder in Comer, AL