[FUN VIDEO] Learn How to Draw Your Dog


When it comes to drawing I am sure to hold a lifetime position in the top 3 most clumsy people ever and being part of a family with many really good hobby painters did not made things easier for me. But no matter how hard I tried (or device I used to cheat) I was never able to put a “straight” line on a piece of paper, so to speak.


If this sounds familiar to you, you must watch the following videos, and Yes drawing your dog with great result really is this simple, it just takes a little  practice, that’s all.

The first video on the Next Page teaches you how to draw a funny cartoon-like Labrador puppy (great if you have kids). The second video (Third Page) is all about the more “serious” stuff and is teaching you a very powerful technique to draw an life like picture of your Lab. I’m not going to use that worn out cliche “if I can do it …” but believe me, it’s so easy to do and when you get the hang of it, it’s so hard to stop drawing 🙂

Cartoon Puppy Drawing by Mei Yu

Flip the page to see the first video

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