[PUPPY VIDEO] Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies playing 6 weeks CUTE explosion

Meet Holly, Angel, Belle, Rudy, Max, Snow, and Tiny Tim at six weeks old

This is the sequel of the video Puppy Stampede this time showing the puppies all nice and clean playing inside but still being as boisterous as last time when they did their very best to ruin her dress.

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But, like the lady said, One should never wear nice clothes when visiting a litter of little Labrador puppy dogs

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15 Comments on “[PUPPY VIDEO] Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies playing 6 weeks CUTE explosion”

  1. Help! Ive got a 7 week old Staffy pup and a jack russel terrier girl 1 year
    old that is my neibours who went on vacation. The thing is that the girl is
    never leaving the pup alone and always jumps all over him. Then again he
    growls at her ALOT. Is this normal behaviour??

  2. ATTENTION TO ANYONE READING THIS! On August 3, 2015 at 2:07 PM, I had just
    realized that YouTube just updated with its time bar. A recent update has
    occurred at this moment .-.

  3. hi,one daymy neighbours puppy was playing alone.i took him and came to my
    then sit him beside me and waching tv.the puppy then very happy,and waching
    then i did the best part.i smoke a cigarate and slowly push it near his
    keep the in his asshole for 3 seconds,and then very quickly drop it.
    first time the puppy didnot bark.but he move his face and lookout me.
    maybe when his asshole was burning,he tried to findout,how it was
    happen,but not sure,that i did this him and why.
    hahah,,then again i do this to him for 5 tmies…and dont hurt him not more
    than 5 second.
    he was barking when fire was close near his asshole.but it was for few
    thats why he was not sure how it was happen to him.

    itWas really very enjoyabe day for me.when i remember it,it gives me much,
    much pleasure….

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