Smart Cute Labrador Dog defending the house against a “dangerous” intruder

SLeeping Yellow Labrador retriever

Would you rather be strong as an ox or smart as a Labrador?

Like the saying goes “You can’t learn an old dog new tricks” this smart Labrador isn’t fooled one bit by the prank his owner is trying to play on him and instead of getting his nickers in a twist and trying to scare the intruder of with loud, aggressive barks (like most other breeds would do) he calmly get this ” problem” sorted in a very clever way.

Here’s an excerpt of the story as told by Traste’s owner:

Traste defends the house against and ugly Ninja that tries to break in. This is a “home made short film” that I made with the help of Traste, a year and a half Labrador and the best , smartest and cutest dog in the world.

I did this with the intention of show how clever /well trained is my dog and to try to amuse you so don’t take it too seriously… and have fun.

Note, if you wait until the end of the video , you can watch an outake of the video. Enjoy.

Now as much as I like to watch these amusing videos I can’t stop wondering why owners keep trying to fool their dogs by putting on all sorts of weird costumes(?) don’t they know how amazingly powerful a dog’s nose is? They can smell a ” rat” a mile away, so to speak.



The strongest muscle in the body is debatable. Some physiologists believe it’s the masseter (used for chewing), while others claim it’s thegluteus maximus (buttocks), or the rectus femoris (part of thequadriceps in the thigh)  

(Taken from: MedicineNet


16 Comments on “Smart Cute Labrador Dog defending the house against a “dangerous” intruder”

  1. Pobre perrito cuídenlo mucho plis pero esta ermoso mi vida buen video y el
    perrito ahora sí dios quiere ya esta feliz

  2. I have a oversized Labrador puppy he’s only like 4 or maybe even 3 months
    and I love him hes adorable.❤?

  3. I have a Chihuahua and a lab the nearly owned my friend for nocking on my
    door there too protective

  4. I am super protective of my family. My mummy was so convinced I would do
    nothing but lick an intruder to death but 9 months later I understand the
    difference between friends and someone dodgy.

  5. Every lab video on YouTube is clogged up with pathetic sympathy cards from
    people and their put down pets

  6. I laughed!!! The dog looked at the ninja as if to say” watch your step u
    could fall and get hurt with that sharp sword.” There is beer in the fridge
    and pretzels in the cupboard.” What a wonderful dog and loved by your
    family I am sure!! Take care. 

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