[CURIOUS VIDEO] Dog Watching Over Owners Bike the Real Trick Comes at the End

Li Li Guarding Bike

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Jeff, an expat living in Bangkok, started the blog “Pimp My Seat” to share a video that his girlfriend took of Li Li, which garnered thousands of views on YouTube as well as concern from users who thought the bike was unsafe.

“When I saw people complaining about the safety of the dog on the bike, I decided to act. I threw this site together and now I am Li Li Unsafe Bike Ridesoliciting ideas and suggestions on how we can help our beloved friend,” Jeff wrote today on “Pimp My Seat,” adding that any extra donations he receives will go to the dog’s owner and local charities.

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I just adore this video, the dog seems to have quite a sense of humor!  I love how she barks when she is “ready to go”  We really do need an invention that could let our furry friends ride on the back of our bikes, should they get tired, or just simply not feel like making the trek.  We all know what that feels like. With today’s technology, it shouldn’t be impossible.  How long have we had child carriers?  I think it would take quite a bit of athletic skill to balance the bike with the dog, but in the video, it seems like the dog does her balancing all on her own. This video caused an internet frenzy, and several people are concerned for the safety of the dog.  An internet blogger in Thailand, only known as Jeff, started a blog called “Pimp My Seat” to raise money to build a bike for LiLi her owner. 

Originating Content: The Daily Golden

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