When Chocolate and Peanuts Become a Life Saving Combination


Need a Chocolate to safe you from peanuts, now how’s that going to work?

Chocolate and Peanuts to most of us (present company included) a match made in heaven but a fatal combination for people suffering with peanut intolerance like Mark.

But thank’s to the unbelievable versatility of Mark’s chocolate Labrador Chance he will never have to worry about accidentally coming into contact with peanut containing substances.

Mark ‘Brady’ Lerille’s chocolate labrador Chance keeps him safe from potentially fatal contact with peanuts

A university student who is fatally allergic to peanuts has been given a four-legged friend to help sniff out dangerous hazards.

Mark ‘Brady’ Lerille’s chocolate labrador Chance was trained to detect peanuts in public places – something that Brady said has changed his life.

Chance travels with Brady everywhere – around campus, to restaurants, at home and on outings with family and friends.

Before he adopted Chance four years ago, Brady, 22, who studies at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, USA, would go into severe shock at least once a year.

But since adopting the dog he has not needed to receive a potentially life-saving shot.

He said: ‘One day my mum said she read something about dogs that can find peanuts so I started doing some research.’

Originating Content: Daily Mail

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