[CURIOUS VIDEO] Dog Watching Over Owners Bike the Real Trick Comes at the End

Li Li Guarding Bike

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When I was watching the video showing Li Li guarding her owner’s bike it struck me I was not seeing a happy but rather (lightly) stressed dog.

Now having to sit in a not completely natural position in a busy street like Li Li does can bring about some tension and even stress to the calmest of dogs but still…

When performing some research on the Internet to see if there was more to find about Li Li I came across the following, rather distressing, picture.

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Now due to the quality of the picture a 100% identification is not possible but when compared to the images of Li Li and her owner in the video on the previous page we have to conclude the resemblance is close enough …

Li Li Famous Bike Guarding Dog









See the Third Page to learn what a British expat did after seeing Li Li

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