Bob and the birds steal hamster’s thunder


Why is no one talking about the Hamster?

Although I really like the pictures of Bob and his feathered friends there’s something bothering me a bit about Bob and his all-too-happy-bunch because What About The Hamster?

Why is all the attention going to Bob and the birds?


Did you see the hamster in that video?

Nope, my point exactly!

Do you know the life expectancy of a hamster is 1.5 to 2 years max?  Based on this I think the question is justified: Why no one is talking about the hamster and what this little guy has to endure each and every day of his all too short live.

For starters, in terms of being a minority you’re hard pressed to find a better example I think, besides being furry too, he’s grossly outweighed and outnumbered and has got absolutely nothing in common with Bob or that flock of birds. My heart goes out to that little guy and the life of hardship he has to live.

Luckily we still have the pictures; so here are some amazing photos showing the Hamster, a dog allegedly named Bob and some birds.

(P.S. I have great doubts about that Bob-character one bit, did you see how he was trying to nibble on that parakeet?)