The Odd Couple Tarra and Bella a Friendship that Lasted For More Than a Decade


How it all began and sadly ended

Granted the story of Tarra and the dog Bella is not exactly breaking news but this is such an endearing story about one of the most unlikely friendships involving a Labrador dog you seldom come across there is no harm in telling it once more.

It all began one day when Bella wondered into the grounds of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and soon after that became the closest of friends with Tarra one of the resident elephants.

The following video tells the story of that remarkable friendship and the video on the second page shows the sad and too early ending of this friendship.

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This is how the people of the Elephant Sanctuary described the beginning of their friendship.

Tarra the elephant and Bella the dog; best friends at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. With no human encouragement, Tarra adopted this stray dog on her own several years ago, and the two are now inseparable. Their inspiring, “odd couple” story was recently featured on CBS News and in “Bark” magazine. For more information about the Elephant Sanctuary, please visit

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The video on the next page tells about the sad and all too soon ending of this beautiful friendship and it clearly shows evidence animals can and will mourn over the loss of a beloved friend. You will be amazed about what happened.

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