[PUPPY VIDEOS] Five Top 5 Labrador Retriever Cutest Puppies (Nr. 3 my favourite)


Five of the cutest Labrador Puppy videos that will make you smile

Who needs all that motivational stuff when there are cute puppy videos to watch that will brighten your day.

Here are five of the cutest Lab puppy videos on a row.

The two weeks old puppy in video number 4 will steal your heart, no doubt about that

Make sure to watch’em all

Let’s start with Buzz in this video  just a few weeks old

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What a nice little fellow he was and what a shame they grow up so quickly

The next video is about a real Puppy Siesta, it is always good fun to watch a whole litter of puppies trying to sleep

Press NEXT to Join the Labrador Puppies in their Siesta

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