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Would You Not Go The Extra Mile For a Kiss This Sweet?

Distance means so little when someone means so much

This sweet little baby is doing her first time crawling on camera and is trying her best to get across the kitchen to snuggle up with her best friend, the trusty and loyal Labrador retriever family dog.

The minute the babies efforts caught the Lab’s attention she immediately stopped her favourite time passing, chewing one of her toy bones, and switched all her attention to the little baby – it’s a Lab thing, you know.


Now if you watch the interaction between the Labrador retriever, now operating in full nanny-mode, and “her” little baby (just try to explain a Lab it’s not her’s) you can clearly see from the dog’s body language she’s supporting and cheering this little baby to cross the distance and come to her.

This shows once more how understanding and thoughtful Labrador retrievers are where it comes to caring for and guiding little toddlers because any other dog would have stood up to walk to the baby themselves instead of cheering to baby on to crawl over to her. Labs are way beyond that basic dog thinking and they know the importance of helping a little baby to develop its mobility skills.

Labradors are definitely the best dogs when it comes to interacting with children.

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