[VIDEO] Macadamia Nuts Powerful Vitamin-Mineral Bombs Healthy For All But Your Labrador Dog

Filled to the brim with healthy stuff yet capable of poisoning your Lab

Make sure to watch the video (down half page) about what happened to a dog after it ate macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are delicious round shaped nuts that have high nutritional value and even are said to have healing properties.
They are native to Australia and have been exported to Sulawesi and Hawaii both now macadamia producing countries.

Macadamia nuts are a rich source of vitamins such as B1-B3,B5 and B6. Furthermore they are exceptionally rich in minerals like: magnesia, copper, iron, magnesium, calcium and several other important minerals.macadamia on white background

In addition to this macadamia nuts contain many phyto-nutrients (poly phenol, amino acids, phytosterol and flavonoids). These phyto-nutrients or phyto-chemicals have a synergistic effect , that is to say that they reinforce the effect of vitamins and minerals.

Health wise macadamia nuts are said to help preventing high blood pressure therefore reducing the risk of all cardiovascular disease.
A recent study by the University of Newcastle found that eating macadamia’s not only had a very good effect on the blood but also helped to lose excess body weight.

But what effect does eating macadamias have on our dogs?

Well, in fact quite the opposite, eating and digesting macadamia nuts can be a serious hazard to your dog as is clearly demonstrated by the following piece of content was taken from the Merk Veterinary Manual:

In relation to this people also asked the following questions
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In the transcript accompanying the video the owner of the unlucky Dalmatian dog stipulated that in the hours after eating the macadamia’s her dog clearly showed all symptoms accounted to macadamia toxicosis but, being a strong and healthy dog, she fortunately made a full recovery after 48 hours.

After doing some investigations the following became clear to the owner:

Looked it up online and everything I read said that dogs get a funny reaction to macadamia nuts where they get nauseated and wobbly, mostly in the hind legs. Sure enough, it was focused in her back legs. Luckily, everything also said that it always resolves itself in 24-48 hours after ingestion.

Upon closer inspection, I think it’s less hind leg paralysis and more hind leg pain. She CAN move, but she just really, really doesn’t want to and you can see in the video that she has that hunched back thing which usually happens when dogs are in pain. Also note that when the dog walker came she just bopped right on over. A few min later, she made it outside and jumped into the bed of the pick-up so she can move her legs, just hates it. Note how she hugs the wall as she walks, a sure sign she’s feeling wobbly.

Originating Content: Transcript (partial) from video

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