[DOUBLE NIGHTMARE VIDEO] She Witnessed Her Senior Lab Drown in Open Sea

Do you know how to perform CPR to save your Lab’s life? Here’re the 4 steps every dog owner should know

It can happen so fast and unexpectedly. one minute you and your Lab(s) are having a great day out on the beach, the next minute you’re a witness to the drowning of your Lab.

Make sure to see the second video (Page Two) about a real life rescue…

That Sunday a nightmare became real to Regina Pugh …

“I thought, ‘Is she showing me a new trick?’ Then I realized something was going on,” Pugh said. “I didn’t expect the drowning to happen so fast.”

She rushed in after her dog and brought her ashore. Bystanders and other dog owners hurried to help in any way they could. Three different people started chest compressions, each taking turns, while Pugh began mouth-to-mouth.

Originating Content: The Tampa Tribune

The following video tells the story of Regina and her senior Lab named Xena

To answer the opening question, No, I am ashamed to admit I have no idea how to perform CPR on my dog. Being a responsible dog owner, at least that’s how I like to think of myself,  after reading how lucky was to have knowledgeable bystanders to save her, there’s only one decision to take: I will have to follow the necessary courses to learn how to perform CPR and pet emergency care.

But I already memorised the 4 most important steps of administering CPR…

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