Are Black Dogs the new Black Sheep in the Canine Family?

black labrador dog

Never judge a book by its cover but what about judging a dog by the colour of its coat?

Did you ever hear about something as strange as the Black Dog Syndrome? Apparently there are people who think black coated dogs are less popular and therefore have a smaller chance of being adopted(?)

Not in a million years the thought of people starting a project to boost the image of black coated digs in general would have crossed my mind.

But here is how it all came about…

It was a summer day at the dog park when Fred Levy, a professional pet photographer, overheard a conversation that he couldn’t shake off.

A woman was talking about “black dog syndrome” — a theory that black dogs are less likely to be adopted than those with lighter coats, perhaps because of superstition or a notion that black dogs are aggressive. Experts debate whether it’s a myth or reality, but it struck Levy.

“A dog shouldn’t be overlooked just because of its coat,” Levy said. “That’s a minor element when it comes to the dog.”

That dog park visit was almost two years ago, but it inspired Levy to take on a project that’s still gaining international attention. He calls it the Black Dogs Project, a photo series that features black dogs against black backdrops, aiming to capture their beauty and counter negative stereotypes.

Originating Content: Wisconsin Gazette

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Now what is your view on this, are you in support of the Black Dog Theory? Share your thoughts – that comment box is there for a reason, you know(?)

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