Man Saves Exhausted Labrador Dog from Crocodile Charlie!


The Labrador dog has to swim for its life, but where the heck is Charlie?

A Labrador Retriever dog that’s clearly panicking in the water, swimming around in circles not knowing how to escape the crocodile (Charlie) is a very disturbing but luckily also very rare sight.


Unfortunately the video lacks detail for us to get a clear view of Charlie but it is clear from watching the dog’s frantic efforts to maneuver itself out of the croc’s line of attack the predator is closing in on him.

Watch the video to see how this story unfolds…

Perhaps you have missed the appearance of Charlie, not to worry, the picture below provides a better view of Charlie present and accounted for.

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Granted he is is not nearly as big and ferocious as one of Australia’s salt water crocodiles but apparently ol’Charlie’s reputation is impressive enough to keep all but one from going into the water to save the dog.


Did you spot the magnificent Charlie?


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  1. me too hate crocs,but strange enough ,their very existence is the the
    source of our existence

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