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Labrador Retriever Puppies in Shelbyville, TN

Strongly built, short dog with a broad skull, a broad chest and ribs, and a broad hindquarters. The characteristic “otter tail is moderately long, very thick at the base and gradually tapering to a point. Around covered with a thick coat short, allowing the tail gets the special round shape.

The coat is short, dense and without wave, quite stiff to the touch, with a weather-resistant undercoat. Colors: black, yellow or liver / chocolate.

The Labrador Retriever shoulder height is between 55-60 cm. The weight varies from 30-35 kilos.

Why a Labrador Retriever in Shelbyville, TN

“Fun for the kids” is certainly not enough to buy a Labrador. That’s true, but children grow and gain over time other interests and obligations. A healthy Labrador Retriever will average 11 to 12 years!
You will need to be made responsible for the dog to bring you. Your Labrador can enjoy long life your attention pounding pound and a well-behaved companion.

Education: necessity
If you are planning to buy a Labrador Retriever, we recommend you to orientate well in advance. The Labrador Retriever is known as a fun, friendly and easy dog. But remember that a Labrador must be educated and that training takes time! Certainly the first year.

The Labrador Retriever is a hunting dog. This means that the will to work for you (to do something for you) is innate in most puppies. Moreover, a Labrador is a fun animal that likes to be near you. Even if the dog is an adult, you need every day sufficient time for him:

  • To have daily walks;
  • to care for him;
  • to give him attention (a game, the dog to fetch or something similar);
  • to raise him / train.

When you are (both) working outdoors, which may mean that your Labrador Retriever for hours at home alone. If your dog is elated enough he can get bored. And that can lead to behavior problems. Having to do its business quickly time and again using the small patch of grass nearest to your home certainly will not be enough for your dog. Labradors are active dogs that need at least one daily long walks every day.

Of course they are- strong as they mature quite a while only, but it is not good for the development of a dog and the relationship with the boss, if the dog is left day after day to his own devices.

Do your homework before buying a Labrador puppy!

Buy the book “Your Labrador Retriever Puppy Month by Month ‘: Terry Albert and Eldredge which was published in 2012 and is particularly topical. It is for sale for only $19.1 at amazon.

You also can visit a dog show or hunting test.
Moreover Talk to other Labrador Retriever lovers / owners in [CITY], [ABBREV] he / she knows the breed very well indeed.

You can also contact one of the members of the Labrador Group on Facebook (  They are more than happy to answer any questions you have about the breed and what sharing one’s life with a Lab is like.

A dog or a bitch?
Choosing a bitch or dog is a very personal choice. It is not possible to give a ready answer to this question. Having a dog has both advantages and disadvantages and the same goes for having a bitch. The disadvantage of a bitch, she will be twice a year in heat and prone to behavioral changes (due to hormonal changes). A dog on the other hand may be “madly” any time when there is a female in heat in its environment. Castration for both dog and bitch is not always the best solution, because it can bring unwanted side effects with it.

Of males is often said that they educate affectionate but are more difficult, of bitches that they give less problems in training. Whether that is so in all cases, is doubtful. Every dog is an individual and may therefore differ from his or her peers. Not every female has the same character and males vary. Males may be dominant, but this is not necessarily the case. Dominant females are just as good! (Think of the man, even when we are not all women and men alike in character!). The body size and weight are noticeably different in male and female. When your dog is the boss, is that a dog because of its strength and volume more difficult to handle than a bitch.

Where the behavior of your future dog is whether state is the education that will give you. Each labrador, male or female, needs a friendly consistent training. It should be clear that you are the ones who determine what happened and not the dog. Your dog will feel comfortable with when you speak to him or her “understandable” (dogs) language, and the dog exhibits understandable behavior. A course taught by helping an experienced and knowledgeable instructor, you can here. The relationship you build with your dog, will be decisive for the pleasure you will experience together.

A puppy in the house!

Now before you start a fun but also a busy period. Of course you want your puppy grows into a healthy, happy labrador. During the first year of life of your dog, you can do a lot to ensure that he will suffer in his life of joint disorders, arthritis and the associated pain. The skeleton of a Labrador is newly grown and cured at the age of 12 months. You will be until the dog reaches this age there should therefore take this into account. When the first year with a lot of care and policy let your puppy grow up, the chances of a happy dog life is the greatest!

Some tips

  • Your puppy is the first time a real baby. That means he still needs a lot of rest. Of course he needs to gain many impressions for social development, but beware that you do not overload your dog.
  • Labrador Retrievers are children’s friends. Nevertheless, you have to learn (your) children to deal wisely with your puppy. Puppies are vulnerable young animals, really just babies. Their skeleton is not yet developed and consists of cartilage and therefore very vulnerable. Never leave children dragging puppies.
  • Let your dog yourself! A young dog should not be elated by children. Even if you think your children can handle. Often children have no patience and they drag young dogs on the sidewalk. If your puppy encounter other dogs they do not know what to do. If your puppy frightened they do not know how to respond properly. If your dog is attacked by another dog hit your kids panic. Thus a young dog for his long life can be damaged.
  • It is highly recommended to use a crate. Pathetic? Well no! The acclimate quickly, especially if you make the bench attractive by the puppy there before retiring a few crumbs to look into whether it resists a chewing Kluifje … The use of the bench will help not only in the process of housebreak, it also gives the puppy a chance to look sufficiently in a quiet environment. It is important that the puppy occasionally against itself takes protection: pups are so enthusiastic that they give themselves no rest. And resting and sleeping regularly are correct for a growing dog very important! In addition, the puppy in the crate is safe: he can not sneak shred your newspaper, nibble on electrical wires or ‘explore’ other belongings with his teeth. It is wise to teach your children that they should not interfere with the puppy when he is in the crate. Besides these benefits, the use of the bench confirms your position of “higher grade” because you decide when sleeping, playing or walking.
  • When you go for a walk with you Labrador puppy, keep the following schedule in mind: 1 minute walking outlet per turn for each week that your puppy is old. That means that you should go with your puppy from 8 weeks per walk no more than 8 minutes; When your dog 10 weeks is no longer than 10 minutes, etc. Whether you are 4 or 6 times a day hike, a hike this schedule remains the same.
  • A Labrador Retriever puppy knows his own limits not: you’ll need him shielding excessive movement.
  • Let your dog dosed knowledge with other dogs, but let him not especially extensive “terrorizing” his four-legged friends.
  • Stairs Running, jumping in and out of the car, and jump from the bench, endlessly fly after a ball, playing in heavy sand and uneven ground are strongly discouraged.
  • When you have a smooth floor at home, it is wise to lay on during the first year of life of your dog floor covering (without a slide spots’ to leave). Growing up can cause irreparable damage to a slippery floor!
  • Sound nutrition is very important for the development of your puppy. Give the dog chunks quality of a good brand, specially formulated for fast-growing, large breed. Pet shops and your vet can advise you. Of what “expensive” chunks you often give much less. In addition, these pieces often improve significantly less feces. Also a big advantage in this crowded society!
  • Please note that the composition of the feed.
    Make sure you do not overfeed your puppy; obesity impairs bone development of your dog. Moreover, obesity is a major burden on the spine and major organs. In the summer becomes too thick dog heat not so easily lost. Look at your puppy / young dog. When the ribs and gaps still can feel good, but can not see the ribs, your dog on a good weight. Labrador Retrievers love to eat and unfortunately we also see that many Labrador Retrievers are too thick. So be careful!

Where to find a trusted Labrador Retriever Breeder in Shelbyville, TN