Teaching a Labrador Retriever to Fetch the Garden Hose – You Better Not

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Labrador Retriever Hosing Down Owner with Garden Hose

So here’s the thing, as we all know Labradors are born retrievers – and obviously I am not referring to the name of the breed – but, and if you’re one of the blessed dog lovers actually sharing your life with a Lab, this should not come as a surprise to you, they can be a bit lazy too and not all Labs are always keen to retrieve when you want them too.

Normally, it’s like this, you throw a ball, a stick or whatever it is you want your furry friend to retrieve, and off he goes, tripping over his own feet trying to get the ball. But often, halfway on his way back, a different thought enters his mind and he decides he rather would hold on to the ball a little bit longer and strolls off in a different direction to find a nice, quite place to chew on it.

Obviously, a bit of teaching is in order.

Now, given his considerable intelligence, teaching your little buddy doesn’t sound like a very difficoult task to you, however in reality it will take more patience and repetition than you thought it would because, much like babies, your Lab wasn’t born with an instant understanding of what you want from him, nor with the knowledge of right or wrong.

Obviously, the smart Lab in the video clearly shows a clear understanding of the retrieving part but unfortunately for its owner, he is still a bit confused about what to fetch and what not.

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