Memories Of Old Labrador Retriever Dogs That Will Catch Your Eye and Touch Your Heart

head study old black labrador dog

9 Pictures of Sweet Old Faces together with a poem read by Mr Jimmy Stewart

The Internet is an unlimited source of information in all possible shapes and forms but type in the words “dog poems” and quickly your flooded with poems about death and dying pets.

Why is it there are so many poems about that last moment and so few to celebrate having an senior dog in your life?

Is it because we are not capable of really appreciating the things that enrich our lives until after they are lost forever?

Anyway, U hope you will enjoy the pictures and the poem read by Mr Stewart – although it is about losing his dog.

old labrador retriever dog black

1. Gazing at the years that have past

old labrador dog chocolate

2. That look she will give you when she’s really serious

old labrador dog yellow

3. I’m as ready as ever, let’s go

old chocolate labrador dog laying on the porch

4. I rather stay home this time, Do you mind

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old black labrador laying in th grass

5. I had that scary feeling again and need you to make it go away

old labrador dog black head study

6. I’ll bite my pain, not to worry you


old nlack labrador sitting in the grass

7. The years have changed my face but not how I love you

old labrador dog yellow head study

8. With you is where I dare to rest my head

 heady study of an old black labrador dog


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