15 Pictures of the Cutest Labrador Retriever Mixed Breeds

Dog of many faces

Labs are the most popular family dogs in the USA they are loyal, loving and extremely intelligent, making them the ideal dog for cross breeding. The following 17 photos show what happens when you combine some of the well known breeds  with Labrador retrievers. Although some of these combinations are quite unexpected the results are always cute and adorable doggies.

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Afador: Labrador & Afghan Hound

The Afador is a hybrid dog composed of an Afghan Hound and a Labrador Retriever that originated in Alaska around the year 2000. It is still a rare dog breed and the breeders are working on stabilizing the breed’s personality and appearance. The body shape looks most like the Labrador Retriever while the head resembles the Afghan Hound. They are a medium size dog with long, fine hair and short, silky hair on the face. The Afador has the good traits of both breeds and they are patient, affectionate, loyal, dignified, and courageous. Because they are hybrids, they are unable to join the American Kennel Club roster of purebreds.
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Afador: Labrador & Afghan Hound


Bassador: Labrador & Basset Hound

Labweiler: Labrador & Rottweiler