13 Cute Pics of Dogs Who Wish it was Tuesday

How to get going on a bad Monday morning

If you’re suffering with Monday morning blues and hoping to find a remedy searching the Internet after read various websites about the best ways to fight the “Monday Blues”  you’ll soon discover almost all are offering the same advise:

  1. Get beauty sleep Sunday night;
  2. Give yourself a jolt of cold water in your Monday early morning shower;
  3. Have some coffee;
  4. See to it to put something on your Monday “to do” list that offers you something to anticipate.

Here are 13 pictures of dog that are absolutely cute from Tuesday till Sunday but just not on Mondays interlaced with quotes and poems to brighten up your Monday Blues.




“The worst part of my Mondays is hearing you complain about Mondays.”



“Monday is like a math problem: add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, and divide the happiness.”


I was happy this morning, as I woke up in bed,
Then realized it was Monday and I faced the day with dread,For somehow, whatever comes my way, my temper is displayed,
Just mentioning ‘it’s Monday’, my nerves, they become frayed.The day will be just a ‘ write off’, it’s no good me trying to do
Any sort of reasonable job, things won’t go right. It’s true!It’s like a ‘cloud’ which hangs around and never let’s you be,
Whatever I attempt to do, disaster follows me.

If I could sleep through Mondays, then that would be just bliss!
Then Mondays wouldn’t have happened, I’d have given them a miss!

© Ernestine Northover


“Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so near to Monday?”



“Look at the bright side..at least Mondays only happen once a week!”



“Shortest horror story: Monday!”



I got monday morning blues
as im pulling on my boots
trying to get ready to start my day
but nothing seems to be going right
i really shouldnt of gone out last night
cos today i got monday morning blues

Monday blues monday blues
please release me from my day of hell
make it fast not slow
take away these monday morning blues

Last night was a heavy session
as im knocking back the beer
shooting some pool with a few good friends of mine
i knew i shouldnt of done it
my head was telling me so
saying boy tomorrow
your gonna have those monday morning blues.

Monday blues monday blues
please release me from my day of hell
make it fast not slow
take away these monday morning blues

Now im sitting in my office
and everythings so loud
just want to get back home
to my bed to rest my weary head
and hope to god the day will pass
and i get rid of the monday morning blues


“There are no miracles on Mondays.”



“Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life!”



The hustle and bustle of the weekend is gone.
The kids are in bed and I am up alone.
There are clothes to lay out and things I must do
For tomorrow again we are off to work and school.
Monday is a day I hate to see coming.
I would rather turn over in bed and keep slumbering.
My boss is a bitch and I’m never on time.
To turn off the alarm would suit me just fine.
My co-workers are a sad lot and I am still tired.
I must get busy before I get fired.
My desk is a mess and my schedule behind.
To get to the copier I must stand in line.
Coffee breaks and lunch breaks are much too short.
I’m thankful I have just finished my daily report.
Five o’clock is here and I am on my way.
Thank God I made it through another blue monday.


“Monday is the root of all evil.”



Just once, I would like to wake up, turn on the news, and hear… ‘Monday has been canceled, go back to sleep.’



“Three horrible facts: today is not friday; tomorrow is not friday; even the day after tomorrow is not friday.”


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