[VIDEO] Some Dogs Just Don’t Like a Manicure


How to introduce your dog to getting its nails clipped

We all are familiar with the click-clacking sound of dog feet in need of a manicure but not all dogs see the point of it and for some dogs even the sight of a nail clipper will be enough to get their nickers in a twist, so to speak.

Having said that, Labs are a powerful breed and are well able to accelerate  from rest to impressive speeds putting enormous amounts of pressure on their paws with the risk of tearing or breaking nails that have grown too long. For me a good rule of thumb is when I start hearing my dog’s click-clacking around on the wooden floor, it’s time to get the clippers out.

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Now, if you your dog is not at ease with getting his nails clipped more often than not it will become a very unpleasant event to your dog, one that sometimes even will trigger a flight-response in your otherwise happy dog.

If the above sounds all to familiar to you, watching the following video might be of great help to you

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