Australian dog with shiny object syndrome eats owner’s 2.5-carat ring


Insaturable Labrador retriever will eat anything in sight

A chocolate Labrador dog named Grizzly made the evening news in Australia after swallowing the family jewels, well part of it anyway.

The ten month old Labrador puppy already can boast of a colourful history of eating everything in sight including complete chocolate cakes but also a whole list of indigestible household items.

This time however his bull-shark-like appetite caused some serious concern with his owners not only because of gobbling up a very expensive 2.5 carat diamond ring but also regarding the dog’s safety, alter all diamonds cut glass and are not that easy to pass through the digestive system.

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Watch the following video to see what happened:

The owners of a 10-month-old chocolate Labrador in Australia have a tight leash on their dog after it ate a 2.5-carat engagement ring.

Grizzly, the convicted diamond-eater, snacked on its owner’s diamond ring that was left on a bed side table.ring-on-hand

In a panic, the owners took the pup to a vet for an X-ray where Grizzly was found accused of eating what didn’t belong to him.

It’s not the first time Grizzly was found guilty of eating things he shouldn’t be. The vet went on to say the Labrador was in a local emergency room for eating a chocolate cake a few days prior.



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