Labrador Retriever Shows Amazing Composure After Surviving Car-Crash

What an amazing family dog this Chocolate Labrador Retriever is

I  was browsing the internet news channels and as always looked around for Labrador retriever related items and stumbled on the following article published in the Idaho State Journal about how a little 2 year old girl and her chocolate Labrador dog survived a head-on accident that totally destroyed the three cars that were involved in it.
Now car accidents happen every minute of the day I think and I’m very happy these people and the dog survived this nasty accident and that’s not the reason for wanting to share it here with you. The real reason for sharing lies not in the descriptive part of the event but it is the picture included in the article that makes it worthwhile sharing, well at least in my opinion it does.

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When you look a bit closer at that picture you see some one laying on the ground holding his head with both hands and behind him the little 2 year old girl, her face still bearing an expressing fear and shock. These are the things you might expect to see in any picture taken minutes after a car accident, but look at the Lab in the front of the picture, no trace of fear on his face or in his body posture. He’s just laying there calm and alert shielding his family from all other people (including the photographer) who are buzzing around the scene of the accident.
What an amazing dog if you realise the impact (no pun intended) of what he just went through and all the commotion, loud sirens and flashy lights that followed that event, a great family dog indeed.

The other two cars were about 30 yards to the north on the portion of Yellowstone in front of the Pawn 1 store. All three of the cars were on or near Yellowstone’s northbound lanes after the collision but only one was facing northbound.

Here’s the picture and a snippet from that article:

Northbound traffic through the crash scene was still partially blocked as of 8:45 p.m. with police and fire vehicles parked along Yellowstone and two of the damaged cars in the roadway.

Police said they were still investigating the crash as of 8:30 p.m. and could not yet comment on how it happened and whether they would be citing anyone.

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A 2-year-old girl, her mother and the family’s Labrador retriever at the scene of a three-car wreck on Yellowstone Avenue in Pocatello on Monday night. No one was injured in the crash.

Lisa Alexander-Morrissey commented on Facebook the accident:

Everyone except the drive of the red car (one who caused accudent) did go to the hospital! I know this because my daughter was one of the cars totaled in this accident. No one was seriously injured and it could have been alot worse but there were injuries.

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