Labrador Retriever Dog Best Choice For Family Children


Nothing beats the love and loyalty of a Lab for his family

When you’re little, like young Joshua in the following video, you take everything in life for granted but years from now when he will watch this recording of his childhood again he will remember and understand how fortunate he was to be able to grow up with such a loyal friend and companion like Toby the Labrador retriever in this video.

When you watch the video it’s amazing to see the amount of trust that clearly exists between Toby and little Joshua and it once more shows the endless love and loyalty Labs have for their family.

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Our dogs enrich our lives in so many ways, each and every day again, but if there’s one thing Labrador dogs really excel at it surely must be looking after the children that are entrusted into their care.

Wasn’t this a great and wonderful video to watch(?)

Labs are the best nannies ever!!

If you feel up for one more here’s one short and funny, enjoy…

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