Counter Surfing Dogs Funniest Moments


How To Counter a Counter Surfer(?)
The Most Effective Way to Teach Your Lab NOT TO Ransack

So, you’re Lab’s compulsive counter surfing makes you feel like going crazy, because you have tried every counter measure know to man, but without any success whatsoever.

So, there’s’ Good News and there’s some Bad News,  let’s start with the latter, regardless of the title, the content of this post is absolutely not about The Most Effective Way to teach your Lab to stop stealing food,  I mean, come on, there’s’ no such thing.

Having said that, the good news is there are some really useful tips in this post, so please do watch the videos, and read the white paper written by the Arizona Animal Welfare League, first of all they obviously gave the matter a lot of thought and really know their stuff and secondly, they have some really good suggestions on how to best deal with the problem of counter surfing and garbage raiding.

To start things of…. Here’s a funny video of dogs clever enough to supplement their diet by scavenging the house for unguarded delicatessen.

You have to admire their clever ingenuity and patience to get what they want when the time is right.

Enjoy watching these little thieves, or skip to the second video to see how you to deploy some Counter Moves yourself.

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How to Counter a Counter Surfer

Here are some educational videos on how to teach your dog not to steal food from the table, well educational of a sort I suppose.

The first video demonstrates the use of a mousetrap, a simple but rather ingenious method to repel the little culprit, unfortunately, it can become a bit messy as well.

If getting-things-messy isn’t really your thing, then you better skip directly to the next puppy training video.

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Best Defensive Tactic against Counter Surfing

Although the following method  might be different than you ever used or experienced  before, I think this is how it should be done but as I’m not an expert at all, I strongly to ignore anything I said.

I’m glad to have had to opportunity to clear that up, feeling much better now, but seriously, you really should give the next method a try, because it is all about giving yourself (and your Lab of course) permission to make mistakes and try again. Be patient with yourself, with your Lab, and with this process.

So, let’s do this in an educationally responsible manner and forget about the use of mousetraps and other gadgets your dog – And I – will thank you for it

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