Beagador: Labrador & Beagle

Known as a Beagador, this medium size designer dog is the result of careful breeding between a Beagle and a Labrador Retriever, with the aim of creating a fun-loving pooch fit for any family. The Beagador has inherited some of the best traits from its parent breeds, with the tall stature of a Beagle and the loving nature of a Labrador Retriever.

The Beagador got his height genes from the Beagle. That means that he is a bit shorter than the Labrador. Generally, they look a lot more like the Labrador, but in some cases, the puppies actually look more like a Beagle.

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The Beagador is a naturally intelligent dog and is very attentive but can often be quite stubborn, making the training process quite frustrating at times. It’s all about patience, firmness and positivity when it comes to training these fun-loving dogs. Consistent rewards and positive reinforcement are the best ways to train Beagadors due to their natural desire to please their owner.