[9 TEAR JERKER VIDEOS] No Matter Your Age You Will Cry and Act Real Silly Too


No age-limit, from 4 years old to well in their seventies see how their emotions will take the better of them

Here’s why owning a dog (especially a Labrador of course) makes your life happier and perhaps more likely to live longer. Becoming the new owner of a lively puppy sometimes will exhaust your energy levels but at the end of the day there’s so much you get in return it makes all the effort more than worth it

Now it is not just fun but lately science has been taking a really close look on dog owners and concluded that they are healthier, have greater self-esteem and are less lonely than those who don’t have the pleasure of sharing their life with a dog.

Back on topic, I think we all can fondly remember the moment that little puppy walked in our life for the very first time. What an emotional moment that was.

Now here are 9 videos of people of all ages showing their true emotions when they receive their puppy surprise.

1. Let’s start with 4 Year Old Madalyn who gets Surprised with a Black Lab Puppy (Rapunzel)

The next video is kind a funny too when you see this big guy’s reaction

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