Splish-Splash this Little Puppy Loves Taking a Bath

See Brady taking DIY bathing to a whole new level

You know there’re some puppies that are a little scared of taking a bath while others can’t get enough of splish-splashing around in the warm water.

Now I assume you must have seen a puppy taking a bath video before but I can guarantee you they will all look dull and rather ordinary after you have witnessed young Brady’s bathing routine, that is unless you have seen this video before of course. But right now you’re probably thinking, a puppy taking a bath, what’s so special about that(?), but wait what he does after pulling the plug, then the real fun starts. And if you might be wondering about the pulling the plug thing, he does it all by himself

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Brady loves a long soak in the tub and only after feeling all nice and clean again he jumps out of the bathtub to get his towel, and if this is not amazing enough, he then wraps himself completely in his nice soft towel and getting ready for his after bath nappy.

Now have you ever seen such a smart little puppy, guess not. By the way if you liked watching this video please don’t forget to Share it with all your friends and relatives on Facebook.

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