[Disgusting Video] How to Dump Your Dog Spanish Style – Not Olé, but a big fat FEH!!!

Expression of Extreme Disgust

 See what happens to this poor, unwanted dog

According to a number of European animal rights organisations in Spain there is a lot to improve regarding providing basic shelter and protection of animals. Privately owned animals are often neglected, shelters are commonly overcrowded and have to make do with little or no government support.

Stipulating the above is a surveillance video released on a Dutch News Channel showing an animal shelter in the Spanish town of Pontevedra , south woman showing expression extreme disgustof Santiago de Compostela, that shows how two man are throwing a dog over the closed fence into a dog shelter.

The video shows a red car stopping at the entrance of the shelter and the driver trying to throw his dog over the fence.

When his attempts to throw the dog across the fence are unsuccessful a second man gets out of the car to hold the dog while the driver climbs into the fence. When the driver is close to the top of the fence the dog is roughly hoisted up and carelessly thrown over the fence by the driver.

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Although the poor dog fell down from at least 10 feet it luckily survived the maltreatment and, according to the dog shelter, was found very scared but in good physical health.

With the release of the images the shelter hopes to identify the two men. “Dumping your dog his dog is so cruel, so ruthless? Without looking back , as if it is a piece of trash.

The sad thing is that this dog was (kind of) lucky his “owner” was willing to go through all this trouble instead of dumping it somewhere on an abandoned road or worse …

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Originating Content: NOS Dutch News
Source Picture: PsychMecanics


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