The One Thing You Will Never Be Able To Give Your Dog Enough Of


We all buy presents for our dogs and some may think we’re strange that way but we never care because we thoroughly enjoy buying things like toys and little treats for our beloved Labs.

Come to think of it, perhaps because it is making us feel so good is the main reason for continuously bringing home the rubber chickens and other (potentially dangerous) things that will make a squeaking sound when your dog bites it.

Of course our dogs are gifted with extremely high emotional quotients and will see right though us when enthusiastically accepting these inedible, foul tasting and extremely unpleasant sounding  things. I guess dogs are the only creatures on earth who are able to gladly accept gifts that must offend all their senses in one time without any faked happiness at all.

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But in reality nothing will make your Lab more happy than when you spend time with them and of course we are all well aware of this but a dog’s love is  given unconditionally and time only comes in short supplies always  carrying a high ticket.

For humans time is the most precious and unselfish gift we ever could give because we are giving something that we will never get it back.

People sharing their lives with dogs are so fortunate to receive so much for so little don’t you think trying to spend more time with our dogs isn’t just the perfect gift to show how much they mean to us(?)

Enjoy the video

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