[FLABERGASTING VIDEO] Labrador Peeing in a Cup – But Why?

You have to admire his accurate aim, but…

Peeing to a dog, especially a male dog, is so much more than just emptying its bladder.

It’s all about sniffing and interpreting the sent of other dogs and staking out one’s territory and a whole lot things we humans simply have no idea about, depriving a dog of this important part of his natural behaviour is not something I would do to my dog.

Besides that, to me taking long walks with my dog is one of the great pleasures of having a dog.

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But to each his own…

The following text was taken from the video:

Having a dog is great fun but keeping a well trained dog doubles the pleasure. I trained my dog to pee in a cup. This will save me a lot of time walking outdoors.

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