Hugging Your Lab, How to Tell if He is Really Enjoying it?


Most people who consider themselves real dog lovers have the almost uncontrollable need to give their dogs a proper hug  at any occasion they get, I know because I am just like that.

Although, I’m fully convinced that we hug our Labrador retrievers as a pure sign of love and affection I some times wonder if all dogs feel the same way about being hugged by their humans or people in general.

By the way, if you are having any difficulties knowing or understanding you Lab’s feelings I advise you to watch this video, it will put you on the right track understanding if your Labrador loves you.

The following video does not try to answer the question if dogs like being hugged or not but it will give you a great insight in how to interpret a dog’s behaviour when he’s on the receiving end of a well intentioned hug.

Enjoy the video

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