[VIDEO] If The Choice Was Yours To Make, Which Of These Cuties Would You Take Home?

litter of chocolate labrador retriever puppies

Do you have a sweet spot for chocolates then this video is for you

Watching this video about these lovely Labrador retriever puppies will make you want to take them all home with you, doesn’t it?

But of course selecting a puppy dog is a choice better not taken lightly. That is one of the reasons I like this video so much because it shows a good example of how to select your new puppy the right way.


The family in this video set out to select a little girl from a litter of six wonderful puppy dogs and agreed with the breeder to choose their future puppy from one of the three girls.

You have to wait till the end to see which of the lovely puppies is going home with them…

To answer the opening question, if the choice was up to me the little light coloured male dog would be coming home with me. I spotted that little doggy right away.

Did that feisty little guy stole your heart too?

If you love to watch cute Labrador puppies (and who doesn’t) you have to see this video. The video is shot in HD and is of such great quality you can count the whiskers on their little snouts!!! Puppies in HD



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