[CURIOUS VIDEO] Dog Watching Over Owners Bike the Real Trick Comes at the End

Li Li Guarding Bike

With Li Li on guard your bike will be absolutely safe, but is she too..?

This is a 3 pager, make sure to visit all three pages.

This video was quite popular on youtube and received lots of views because most people are charmed by this clever Golden Retriever named Li Li living with her owner mr. Luo in Nanning, China.

After doing a bit of research some things were discovered that will make you wonder about Li Li’s life and perhaps even her well being.

If you’re an observant dog lover I think you will notice some things watching the following video.

The second page hopes to shine some light on Li Li’s behaviour.

You can learn a lot from observing a dogs body language and if you have watched the above video closely I’m sure you have noticed some little things that made you think… Right?

If you did, you have to see what is revealed on the Second Page

Also make sure to see the Third Page to read about what an British expat did when he learnt about Li Li.

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