[AMAZING] After Surviving A Scorching Fire Tornado These Dogs Showed an Unexpected Response

Was their behaviour driven by instinct or were they taught how to serve and protect?

Make sure to watch the CNN Video below for an explanation what hell these dogs were lucky enough to survive.

This is the awesome story about three heroic dogs – although it’s a bit difficult to identify which breed these dogs belong to, I’m biased enough to like to think they’re Labrador retrievers.Idaho_Wildfire_Dogs-Guarding-Fawn

The picture showing a torched landscape in Kamiah area was taken by mr. Louis Armstrong who set out to check his family’s property when he came on to this unexpected scene.

Now the reason why these dogs were unwilling to leave the dead fawn and endured the unpleasantness of staying in a wildfire-destroyed area will always remain a mystery, I guess,

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Here’s what the Idaho StatesMan reported on what happened:

KAMIAH, IDAHO — Among the images of destruction that have come from the wildfires tearing up the West is one showing an act of kindness by a family of dogs in Idaho.

The photo, taken in wildfire-ravaged Kamiah by Louis Armstrong on Monday, shows a sheep dog and two puppies standing guard at the body of a fawn.

Armstrong was checking out his family’s 300 acres after the wildfire ripped through the area, when he noticed his neighbor’s dogs protecting the body and snapped the photo.

Originating Content: Idaho StatesMan

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